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This practice is a daily awareness practice that aids in the management of anxiety and overwhelm. By cultivating awareness we develop our intero and exteroception which helps bring the nervous system into a sense of safety.

Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice that brings your mind and body into deep relaxation. This is beginner practice and it will ask you to set a Sankalpa or statement of intent (SOI). An SOI is a declaration of something you wish to bring into your life or a desired state of being you wish to embody.

You can use this practice to start to rewrite belief systems to get yourself out of stuck patterns of behaviour. 

The Voo breath is great for when you are starting to feel anxious or stressed, (coming into sympathetic activation in the nervous system). The sound of Voo stimulates your Vagas nerve which switches on the bodies parasympathetic NS respones whiich calms the system down.