Hi my name is Billee White. I had a less than healthy 20’s lost in depression and anxiety using recreational and prescription drugs to escape, leaving me feeling like a zombie, powerless and disconnected from myself.

Broken by a lack of self love. Yoga finds you when you are ready for it. I didn’t know what Yoga was but something called me to it.

I was the only student in my first class wearing trackpants and a baggy T-shirt, the teacher, sensing what I needed took me through a fast and vigorous flow. Shift the energy. Create heat. Laying in savasana at the end of class I felt a joyful release and relief wash over me, I felt like I had come home, that I was now safe.

From that point on I couldn’t get enough. I was beginning to transform and I wanted more. Yoga took me on a journey towards self realization, igniting an alchemy of my soul through the heat of my physical practice. my body grew stronger taking me into shapes I never imagined possible shifting my perspective of myself. The insecure, destructive lost me fell away uncovering the truth of who I was and how to accept all parts of me, the dark with the light.

The yang masculine aspects of yoga – strong physical practice shift energy and strengthen the body and the yin – feminine aspects, meditation and pranayama (breath) bring connection to the present moment all three creating unity which is the meaning of the word Yoga.

My passion now is to share the potential of Yoga with people like you! People craving a deeper connection to themselves, a pathway to their authentic expression, personal power and freedom.

The human experience is a tricky thing to navigate, it’s not always sunshine and lollipops. Yoga offers a system to help guide us through.

My aim is to translate this in a very down to earth way, teaching ways to embody the full human experience, the shadow self and the light within. Our true power and freedom lies in embracing our whole selves, our humanness. When we understand this we unlock the door to our greatness.

If you would like to work with me come to a class or book me in for a private session, follow your curiosity…find out what yoga or conscious coaching can do for you