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Becoming You

12 weeks to self leadership
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You can create the change you desire in your life without having to sacrifce everything you have worked for.

‘Becoming You’ is for women who are feeling burnt out and unfilled.  This 12 week journey gives you a solid framework of tanagable skills to reverse burnout and feel in control of your life.


If you’re ready to stop going through the motions of eat, sleep, work repeat feeling flat and disconnected from yourself then “Becoming You’ is for you.

It’s time to finally break this pattern and feel like you know who you are again and better still, LIKE who you are!

It’s time to learn how to give to yourself, overcome self doubt, release the stress and anxiety and stop living in accordance with what is expected of you.

It’s time to let go of the identity that keeps you trapped “the reliable one” or “the responsible one” and uncover how much more there is to who you are.

Hi I’m Billee and I’m here to guide you on a journey to Becoming You!

Which of these do you identify with?

  • You’ve reached that point in your career you were aiming for but you feel empty?
  • You feel exhausted from the stress of work and need to numb it all with wine and tv when you get home.
  • You’ve lost connection to what you like, in your spare time you just work because what else would you do?
  • You want to make everyone happy so you say yes to taking on extra work or family responsibilities because you’ve been taught that’s what a good person does.
  • You battle regularly with stress and anxiety which makes you feel exhausted and broken
  • You find it hard to make decisions in your personal life for fear of making the wrong one.
  • You’re plagued by overthinking, worrying about what other people think of you, feeling like you’re not good enough, keeping you in a cycle of poor self estem and self sabotage.
  • You react emotionally in relationships and then feel bad about yourself for messing up again.

Maybe you connect with all of the above? Well guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine if… you felt connected to yourself, had a strong relationship with your intuition and were able to process your emotions with grace.

What would it feel like… to live without anxiety, over-thinking and self doubt?

What if… you were able to stand in your power, make decisions with ease and say no without the guilt?

…all without compromising your big, kind, beautiful heart or adding stress and overwhelm into your life?

Video Testimonial

Check out Chloe’s experience of ‘Becoming You’ 12 weeks to self leadship in this awesome video interview.

Day Retreat Feedback

Thank you for putting this on, it was really enjoyable. Particularly liked your range – yoga discussion, breathing styles, physical yoga and most importantly the high vibe food.
Looking forward to anything like this in future. Bea Bayley

Her beautiful gentle way has helped to guide my daughter through and to reach her in a way that other professional therapists have not quite been able to.

Hi I’m Billee,

I created this  program because I have been in this situation, experiencing disconnection from myself, my intuition and my joy spark. I was always stressed out because of my overthinking, I was also emotionally reactive and feeling like I had no choice but to continue on the path I was on. This left me feeling out of control  and powerless and like life was just happening to me and passing me by.

I knew that I could not continue living this way – or should I say existing this way so I decided to do something about it.

I set out on a mission to take radical ownership of my life, to become conscious about all of the things that were creating suffering on my path and do the work to change my reality. 

Over the next five years I began to understand what my emotional triggers were here to teach me. I learned how to respond instead of react to my life and how to create healthy boundaries that stopped my energy leaking out to everyone but me. 

This path has literally changed my life, I now feel like a strong and powerful fortress, I trust myself to make decisions and I can say no without the guilt.

I am now the creator of my life and it feels amazing! I want every person I meet to feel this way too so that’s why I created this program. I have condensed all of the knowledge and wisdom that took me five years to acquire into this 90 day program so that you can experience an empowered life in a shorter space of time.

So why do you feel this way?

You were never taught your true worth or how to set boundaries or how to identify your needs.


  • You end up feeling overworked and undervalued
  • Stress and anxiety disconnects you from your intuition and life spark
  • You find it hard to know what you need or, feel like its ok for you to have needs and to communicate them
  • You end up over extending yourself to rescue others, or step in and help to the detriment of your own wellbeing
  • You spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think of you and constantly look for validation of your decisions from other people
  • You feel emotionally reactive then judge yourself for having overreacted 


Eventually, you feel defeated, like life is difficult and you just can’t seem to connect to yourself and find joy and lightness in life.

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Imagine this with me…

You dedicate 12 weeks to entirely invest in your personal growth…

Dedicating yourself to becoming the person you desire to be…

Creating the life you desire to lead…

You start by learning how to regulate your nervous system, freeing yourself from constant stress and anxiety!

You then begin to undo subconscious patterns and behaviours that have kept you stuck for years. The I’m not good enough” …”skinny enough” …”successful enough”…

Other peoples expectations of you don’t dictate your decisions anymore.

You stop wanting to make everyone else happy at the expense of your wellbeing…finally you can say no without feeling guilty….

Through this journey you give yourself permission to receive more support than you have ever allowed before.

You learn the art of facing your fears and triggers with courage, and vulnerability allowing you to create incredible personal growth and healing.

You feel connected to your body and intuition and are able to respond to your emotions rather than react.

You start to notice you’ve changed, your inner voice is more loving, you experience more gratitude and you feel excited again!

You have relaxed into yourself and are now free of stress of and anxiety.

Theres a sense of control that you have never had before. You now have the tools you need to choose how you lead your life.

You reflect back on your former self and know that you have turned a corner. You will never go back. You have evolved into the version of yourself you had once craved.

You trust yourself now.

You know what you need and how to give it to yourself.

You no longer apologise for who you are, you stop saying sorry all of the time!  You know your worth.

Who is Becoming You for?

Driven people looking to release stress and anxiety to feel calm, centered and in control of their lives. 

People who are interested in taking responsibility for their self development and personal growth


People looking to be less emotionally reactive, make clear decisions and say ‘no’ without the guilt.

Try this free visualisation to discover what the missing ingredient to lasting change is:

12 week program outline

When you sign up to work with me, we’ll start off with a one-on-one phone call to talk about your goals and desires.  From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:


Weeks 1-3: B.conscious

You will learn how to become aware of how you relate to yourself and the world around you. You will learn about the role your nervous system plays in your experience of life and how to self regulate. You will also strengthen your relationship with your body and your intuition so that you can feel grounded and centred on a daily basis.


Weeks 4-6: B.curious

You will learn the art of living in curiosity allowing you to release self judgement. We will uncover the belief systems, conditioning and triggers that are specific to you and learn how to be with, and deal with emotions using a age old proven system.

Weeks 7-9: B.courageous

You will learn how to understand your needs, how to say no without the guilt  and how to create boundaries that fortify and strengthen your whole system. Work through specific belief systems with me personally to release trauma and unserving patterns of behaviour. 


Weeks 10-12: B.You

Step into your new grounded, strong and empowered self. Learn how to create a vision for yourself of who you want to be and how you want to show up in your life. Set intentions to live from this highest version of yourself.

What you recieve:

‘Becoming You’ is a 12 week journey that will take you from feeling out of control to feeling like you are now the leader of yourself and your life. 

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks of knowledge, tools and implementation
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching call (because I’m super committed to your journey)
  • Support via FB group
  • Weekly training videos to watch at your leisure
  • Practices to keep for a lifetime to keep you on track
  • Follow up 1:1 one month after the program
  • Continued support via monthly group sessions available to the B.conscious community

Why I’m different:

I’ll give you proven systems & structure to keep you on track every week of your self growth journey

This proven system and structure will become your new way of relating to life so that whatever happens in the future you will have the tools to continue to live from an empowered mindset.

A key component of my teaching is using embodied practices and somatic experiencing to integrate your lessons into your whole system aligning mind, heart and body.

I live and breathe the systems I will teach you 

I teach you tangible skills to implement the learnings into your life to facilitate change

​I support you with a 1:1 calls, facebook group support as well as daily messaging support because I am your biggest cheerleader!