What is Reiki?

A person doing reiki

Hi I’m Billee, one of my greatest loves is facilitating Reiki energy healing sessions because of the results I see in my clients. 

These sessions are a great way to recalibrate your energy after periods of high stress or if you’ve been feeling a little flat or low. Also if you’re feeling a bit lost or at a crossroads as I often recieve messages either from your body, my guides or yours to share with you what you most need to know in that moment.  

The life force energy that is channeled during healing sessions also allows the body to deeply relax and rest, igniting the body’s own ability to restore at a cellular level. 

After your session you will feel lighter, clearer and fully rejuvenated. 

What to expect from a treatment?

The room is peaceful with soft lighting and calming music. You will lay on a massage bed fully clothed with blankets and pillows available for your comfort. The Reiki is felt differently by everyone. Some describe it as heat felt on the skin or a vibration and some say it feels like you’re being coated in melted chocolate (that’s my fav) 

Some people see visions/colours or images during a session while others fall asleep. It can be emotional depending on what you are going through and the energy releases you experience. In this way Reiki can be a very cathartic experience. Most  leave the session feeling like they’ve had a good night’s sleep.