An online course devised to teach you how to set intentions and create a vision for the year ahead based on what you need, value and desire.

This course is for you if you want to get clear on what you really want and how to bring it in to your life. 

The reason visioning and goals so often don’t work out is because you set them based on what other people or society want from you or expect of you rather than what you want for yourself. For more on this check out my article “New Year, New You”. Or maybe you’re so out of practice with asking yourself what you want that you’ve forgotten how to recognise it?

If you’re feeling this way it’s very normal. With so many obligations and expectations at play it can be very hard to tune into what you want or to know that even allowed to!

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

This course will teach you how to find your way back to you and what you need again.

You will learn how to stop setting goals from ‘expectations’ and ‘should-ing’ and start living in integrity with yourself.

Ask yourself what YOU need, value and desire, and let those pillars inform your intentions.

Your intentions then become a lighthouse that you align your actions to, ensuring that you live a life that is in alignment with YOU. 

Living Intentionally

Is an online course I have devised to teach you how to set intentions and create a vision for the year ahead based on what you need, value and desire.

Working from this viewpoint will enable you to create a life that is in alignment with YOU!


❌ Living up to others expectations of you.

❌ Doing things you ‘should’ do or feel ‘obligated’ to do.

❌ Only meeting the needs of others.

Start creating a life that honours what your:

✅ Needs: What do you need in your life to feel like a well human?

✅ Values: What’s most important to you and brings the biggest sense of meaning to your life?

✅ Desires: What lights you up and fills your cup?

Living Intentionally is an self paced online course that will teach you how to:

✨ Create intentions for Career, Self Care and Relationships

✨ Flip the script from needing to improve yourself, to wanting to give yourself what you need in order to improve

your well-being and live from your uniqueness

✨ Learn the Be – Do – Have formula (start being what you desire right away!)

✨ Identify the felt sense of needs, values and desires in your body

✨ Get really clear on the motivation of your desire, is it coming from attachment or is it pure? (you will learn what

this means inside the course)

✨ Work with the limiting beliefs between where you are now and the desired outcome of your intention

✨ Install your intention and use it as a lighthouse to keep you in alignment with your desire.

Living Intentionally uses


Educational Videos,

Guided meditations and visualisations,


Guided self inquiry exercises

You will journey from having no idea what you need, value or desire, to understanding yourself so well that you can create strong and impactful statements of intention that create the life you dream of.

What makes this course different to other ‘goal setting’ courses?

✨Living intentionally uses somatic expereince practices to help you feel your intentions in your body. This grounds your experience into the physical rather than it being a projection in the mind.

✨Living intentionally encompases the feminine and masculine aspects of visioning and setting intention. There is a balance of mind and body coming together to discover and set your intentions.

✨You will be using self enquiry practices get to the true root of your desires to ensure that your intentions can be grounded in what you really need rather than what you think you need or want.

✨You will discover key success formulas that will ensure you can bring your intentions into manifestation.

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