Conscious Coaching

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What is conscious coaching?

Well… it’s kinda like life coaching but rather than focusing on what you want to get (house, car, great job) we look at who you want to BE in this lifetime.

Who you ‘BE’ on the inside determines the quality of your relationships and the experiences you have in your life.

Through coaching you will learn how to:

  • Be your biggest chearleader instead of your biggest critic.
  • Regulate your nervous system to enable you to better handle stress and anxiety.
  • Learn what you need from yourself and others to have great mental wellbeing.
  • Stop the overthinking and downward spirals
  • Listen to, and trust your intuition.
  • Learn to say no without feeling guilty!
  • Be less emotionally reactive and feel more in control.

True mental wellbeing comes from being consistantly resposible for your mental health. I’m passionate in ‘building a fence at the top of the cliff so that you don’t need an ambulance at the bottom’.

Practicing self inquiry and ownership of how you are showing up in relationships, with yourself and others and understanding what beliefs systems you carry about yourself and the world will allow you to undo years of conditioning.

It is often the things that you believe to be true that are not that create the most suffering for you.

If you are ready to recieve support and guidence that allows you to become the version of yourself that you have been longing to be then get in touch. Book a free chat with me to see if coaching is for you. 

Becoming You

It’s time to take yourself from life happening to you to life happening through you. Become the master of your mind and step into your authenticity.

Check out my 12 week course Becoming You to see how your life could change for the better

Casual Coaching Session

Sometimes on this journey of self discovery we just need a little bit of a helping hand, some guidance to get over a hurdle to get us back on track.

Come and pick my brain and gain some clarity.