Value aligned living: How to uncover your core values and start living a meaningful life.

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Do you know what your core values are?

I get it – it’s a very big and confronting question!

Here’s a lil seceret  – most people have no clue what they would answer so you’re not alone.

Imagine this though, a reality where you easefully make desicions using your core values to inform what is right for you without battling a pros and cons lists.

Becuase you align your actions with your what you value you feel meaning in your life all of the time, no longer having moments of asking “What is this life all about? What am I doing??

Well this reality my friends is acheivable! 

Before I learned how to live this way I was in the same boat as you. Someone asked me about my values and I had to search for a list of popular values online and selecting the ones that seemed to fit best.

However, the issue was that I was merely choosing based on what I thought I ‘should’ value. I had no real understanding of how to identify my true values.

Through a long journey of self-discovery, I eventually grasped the importance of knowing my values and, even better, how to recognize them.

Lucky for you, I’ve developed a shortcut through that process to help you clarify your unique values in a much shorter time frame!

Journal prompts for discovering what you Value:


What brings meaning to your life?


Think about the top three most meaningful moments that you you have had. Remember this is an exercise in self discovery, you may not know the answer straight away, let your mind search through your memory and land upon the most meaningful and memorable moments. Then ask –



What did these moments have in common?

How did you feel at the time?


To dig a little deeper, take each moment that comes to mind, each feeling you come up with and further inquire:

Why? Why did that moment feel that way?

What makes you feel the most like you?


This will bring you more clartiy on the value behind each moment.

Here’s an example:

Memory: Being in Italy soaking in the sights and culture. Another may be being in the South Island on a camper van trip.

Commonalites: You may think travel must be the value right? And that may be it…but if you inquire a little deeper you may get more clarity. E.g – Freedom, adventure, independance.

How did you feel at the time? Free to be me an explore what I enjoyed without that usual confines of daily life.

Why did I feel that way? Because I was creating the itinerary on my own terms.

What makes me feel the most like me? When I’m able to be freely me without the constarints of anyone elses opinions or needs.

You can see that while you may value travel, it is actually freedom that is the higher value that becomes clear throughout this inquiry exercise.

Do this exercise with a couple of memories that make you feel the most like you and have been the most meaningful to you. Your top three core values should start to emerge.


So what do I do now?


Once you have your top three values you can use these to align your actions to. E.g. if you are having difficulty making a desiscion and you are stuck in your head – let all of the shoulds go, come to your values and ask:

What desicion would keep me in integrety with my values. What option is going to bring me the most meaning and make me feel the most like me.

Benefits to operating this way?


⭐️ Aligning your desicions and actions with your values is the key to leading a meaningful life.

⭐️ You stay clear of any desicions that would be based in what you think you ‘should’ do.

⭐️ You are free of getting caught up in other peoples visions for you or their expectations of you.

So my friends, give this a go and watch how your life transforms.

Pop your feedback in the comments and share the amzing shifts you experience, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Written by billee white

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