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Feeling out of control in your life?

This practice has helped me on many occasions where I have felt overwhelmed, been stuck in the overthinking trap feeling drained and defeated.

This practice brings you into a higher perspective so that you can feel cool calm and collected again.

Key benefits:


✨ Gain perspective – notice where you are directing my focus and energy (it’s usually on all of the       things I can’t control)

✨ Let go of what you can’t control

✨ Redirect your attention to what you can control

✨ Ask for assistance where you need support

✨ Notice where you need to put boundaries in place to protect your energy

✨ Turn your stress and overwhelm into gratitude


Arming yourself with tools to help you navigate overthinking and overwhelm is the most empowering thing you can do to get yourself feeling cool, calm and collected again.

Full practice available in my course ‘The Modern Womans  Guide to Overcoming Overthinking’.

Written by billee white

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