Feeling out of control in your life?

This practice has helped me on many occasions where I have felt overwhelmed, been stuck in the overthinking trap feeling drained and defeated.

This practice brings you into a higher perspective so that you can feel cool calm and collected again.

I want to tell you about the Sphere of Influence. It is a practice in my course called “The Modern Women’s Guide to Overcoming Overthinking.” This practice helps you see life more clearly and feel less overwhelmed.
The Sphere of Influence has three circles. The first circle is what you can control. The second circle is what you can influence with help from others. The third circle is everything outside of your control.
We often focus on things outside our control, but we should remember what we can control and what we can change with help from others.
The inner circle is about self-care. This includes exercise, sleep, drinking water, and eating right. It also includes choosing friends who lift you up, setting boundaries like saying no when needed, and having a good mindset.
Your mindset is how you react to things in life. You can control how you see things and change your perspective.
When you focus on the inner circle, you will feel better and more in control of your life.
The inner circle is what you can control. You can ask for help from others, like talking to your boss or a counselor. You can share the work of running a household with your family. In relationships, you have control over how you act and what you want.
To feel more in control, ask for support from others. The outer circle is everything outside of your control. This includes how other people behave, their thoughts about you, politics, changes at work, traffic, and weather.
Focusing on things we can’t control makes us feel stressed. To feel better, think about what you can control and ask for help. This will make you feel more in charge of your life. It will help you decide how to act, what to think about, and how to handle relationships.
So, this is a short look at the sphere of influence. We talk more about it in the course. This tool helps when you feel overwhelmed and out of control. It gives you a chance to see your life better. You can change things, set boundaries, and be in charge again. I hope this helps! If you want to learn more, join my course for more details.

Key benefits:


✨ Gain perspective – notice where you are directing my focus and energy (it’s usually on all of the       things I can’t control)

✨ Let go of what you can’t control

✨ Redirect your attention to what you can control

✨ Ask for assistance where you need support

✨ Notice where you need to put boundaries in place to protect your energy

✨ Turn your stress and overwhelm into gratitude


Arming yourself with tools to help you navigate overthinking and overwhelm is the most empowering thing you can do to get yourself feeling cool, calm and collected again.

Full practice available in my course ‘The Modern Womans  Guide to Overcoming Overthinking’.

Written by billee white

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