Stop and Be Aware

When you notice yourself overthinking – you know when your thoughts are racing, going through the ‘what if’s’, STOP and become aware of the racing mind.¬†

Identify the Loudest Thoughts:

Notice what the loudest thoughts in your awareness are. The ones that are on repeat, causing you to overthink.

It may be a particular aspect of work, a relationship, or something coming up that you’re concerned about. Sometimes it may be two or three things that really stand out. Write these thougts down.

Emotional Check-In:

Choose the first thought, sit or lay down with your eyes closed and bring the thought to mind. Notice in your body what emotions come up and where you feel them.

This part is crucial to getting out of your head. 

Name Your Emotions:

Name each emotion that comes up. For example, if one of yours is the project you’re collaborating on at work and you realize that it’s making you feel very anxious, then you would say,

“I notice that this project is bringing me a lot of anxiety.”

Naming and acknowledging an emotion brings it right into your conscious awareness and helps to diffuse some of its charge.

Validate Your Feelings:

Lastly, say to yourself, “I acknowledge that there is anxiety present in my system and it’s ok..”

This stops the fight against how you feel which further calms your system.


Move through each of the thoughts that are causing you to overthink, using the steps aboive.

It should help to take the overwhelm out of your head and give you perspestive so that you can feel in control again.

Written by billee whiteBillee White

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