I fainted at the beach last week.

I was determined to keep up with my regular routine. As I walked vigorously back along the shore, I suddenly began to feel uncomfortably hot and noticed my body becoming increasingly heavy and tired. I decided to take a break, change my podcast, and then continue my walk.

I took a few more steps, but my body felt even heavier, and I started to experience dizziness and spots in my vision. I realised that I was going down, I managed with great effort to reach some stairs nearby, sat down, and that’s when everything went blank.

The next thing I remember is hearing a woman’s voice urgently telling me to get my dog off her property. I turned around to see the lady holding one of my dogs and threatening to put it out in front of her house if I didn’t act quickly.

In my groggy state, I mustered the loudest voice I could and blurted out, “I’m pregnant, and I’ve just fainted. I need help.”

In an instant, her demeanour changed, and she rushed over to me apologising profusely. I was still trying to process what had happened, in a state of shock and worried about my baby.

Dazed from fainting, I fumbled with my phone to call my doctor but was thwarted by my headphones. Eventually, I reached my midwife. 

She reassured me that fainting during the second trimester is common due to low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and higher blood volume, and she wasn’t concerned about the baby.

After my mother-in-law had rescued me with bananas and coffee I was able to drive home about two hours later feeling much more human and again coherent.

Once home, I began to reflect on this whole episode.

You see, every time something like this happens in my life I view it as a wake-up call, a time to self-reflect, take a step back and look at what’s going on in my life that has led to this happening. 

This approach is a crucial element in how I approach life – 

It allows me to step out of my head, gain perspective and then choose my path forward based on what I discover through my reflection.

This reflection brought me two epiphanies that I want to share with you. Click the buttons below depending on whichever one calls to you.

Written by billee white

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